About us

Founded in 2011 by scale modelers, and operated by scale modelers and for scale modelers, Komakai is an european brand that has gained a reputation for its extensive range of reference picture books for scale modeling. The company offers a wide selection of issues covering different classic vehicles, including street and competition cars and motorcycles, catering to the interests of a diverse range of modelers.

Komakai play a crucial role in enhancing the realism and accuracy of scale models, featuring 100% accurate pictures of inner and outer details of each subject. Komakai focuses on providing exact and accurate pictures of different sections and areas of each vehicle, color enhanced to show the smallest detail on every single item, allowing scale modelers to replicate the exact details found on real-life vehicles. Their publications group in two different series: the "Fast Guides" provides an economicaly priced short reference of the subject (about 30 full color pages aprox), while the "Ultra Detail Guides" provide a total in-depth detail of every single mechanical component (sometimes over 100 pages), at a higher price.

Komakai takes pride in its commitment to quality. The colors are carefully reproduced using state-of-the-art print equipment, and each picture is indexed on each section and carefully tone balanced to show every detail, ensuring a total coverage of each subject. The company strives for color accuracy and ease of use, allowing modelers to achieve a hassle free and realistic representation of their chosen subject.

Komakai has garnered a strong following within the scale modeling community, and their products are highly regarded by both hobbyists and professionals alike. The company's commitment to quality, accuracy, and continuous product development has made it a trusted brand among scale model enthusiasts.

Contact information: info@komakai.eu